In Allomancy

A Misting who can burn Pewter is called a Thug or Pewterarm.

Burning Pewter enhances the Allomancer’s body and physical capabilities. While burning Pewter, a character becomes faster and stronger, with greater manual dexterity, agility, and endurance. All else being equal, a trained warrior burning Pewter is easily a match for half a dozen ordinary human warriors.

Pewter increases healing speed, letting the character recover faster than any ordinary human. While it doesn’t prevent aging, it can slow or stop the effects of disease and poison. Highly skilled characters can even burn while unconscious—a trick that’s saved many a grievously wounded Thug or Mistborn.

An extended Pewter burn lets a character run or perform similarly draining activities without pause for hours at a time, but it can also result in a potentially life-threatening collapse afterward (a condition that’s often called a “Pewter drag”). Only by burning Pewter for several hours after such an exertion does the character in this position stand a chance of survival; running out of metal beforehand risks severe injury or even death.

Sadly, Pewter is also the fasted-burning of the common metals.


While burning Pewter, you may add your Pewter rating to your Physique score, which in turn increases your Health (though again, only as long as you burn the metal). Should your Health drop to 0 when you stop burning Pewter, you immediately fall unconscious or begin dying, as determined by the Narrator based on your physical state and any injuries you’ve sustained.

Burning Pewter also lets you run at speeds up to 25mph—fast enough to automatically outrun any normal human—though prolonged exertion of this nature runs the risk of a Pewter drag.

Finally, your healing rate is doubled—from 1 recovered Health to 2—during any day when you burn Pewter for 8 hours or more.

Pewter drags: If you exert yourself for eight or more hours while burning Pewter, you suffer from Pewter drag unless you continue to burn Pewter while resting for another eight hours. Pewter drag prevents you from burning Pewter and drops your Physique score to one-half normal, rounded down. This reduces your Health accordingly, and if your Health drops to 0 as a result you immediately begin dying.

Burn Rate: Pewter burns swiftly, each charge lasting only 5 minutes. When flared, Pewter burns at a rate of 30 seconds per charge.

Flaring Pewter: In addition to increasing your Pewter rating by 1 (which consequently increases your Physique and Health by 1 each), flaring this metal also lessens the severity of a single Physical Burden by one degree (a Mortal Burden becomes Grave, a Grave Burden becomes Serious, or a Serious Burden is lost).

Allomantic Pewter Stunts

Denser Tissues: While burning Pewter, your flesh becomes tougher and denser, and you suffer 1 less damage from physical attacks. You may take this Stunt a second time, reducing the damage you suffer from physical attacks by 1 more (for a max total of 2).

Extreme Speed: You can run as fast as a galloping race horse (approximately 40 mph). During each Beat, you may take up to 2 steps toward or away from a target without penalty, or you may choose not to gain any Action or Defense dice for the round to take 3 steps.

Inhuman Endurance (Trait): You may exert yourself for a number of days up to your Pewter rating without suffering Pewter drag. In addition to its story implications and descriptive applications, this Stunt grants the “Inhuman Endurance” Trait while you’re burning or flaring Pewter.

Prodigious Strength: While burning Pewter, you add an additional die with Physique rolls involving physical strength, including lifting and moving objects, and wielding heavy weapons. You may take this stunt twice.

Slow-Burning Pewter: Your Pewter burn rate is doubled. You may take this Stunt a second time. This Stunt does not increase your Pewter burn rate while flaring.

Unconscious Burning: You automatically burn Pewter when unconscious, though only if also injured (i.e. you don’t automatically burn Pewter when sleeping). Each Pewter charge burned in this fashion lasts for three hours, and the only benefits it conveys are increased Health, accelerated healing, and avoiding Pewter drag. It has no effect on Physique rolls or dice pools. This special Pewter burn stops immediately when you regain consciousness.

In Feruchemy

Feruchemists use Pewter to store physical strength. Tapping a pewtermind can grant incredible ability, like throwing a fully loaded packhorse several hundred feet or ripping down the reinforced metal gates of a fortress. However, a Feruchemist grows physically weak while storing, his muscles temporarily shrinking and withering.

Storing in a Pewtermind: While storing, you lose 1 die per charge currently being stored with rolls involving physical strength. Note this storing does not affect your Health—only your physical might. The maximum number of charges you may store in any hour is equal to your Pewter rating or your Physique score minus 1, whichever is lower.

Tapping a Pewtermind: For each charge you tap, you gain 1 die with rolls you make involving physical strength. As with storing, tapping strength does not increase your Health (that’s what Gold does).


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