Allomancy lets a person ingest one or more metals and “burn” them to fuel various powers. The vast majority of Allomancers are Mistings, who can burn only a single metal. In the last days of the Final Empire, about one in every 100 nobles, and one in every 10,000 skaa, possessed the ability to burn each metal. Rarer still are the Mistborn, who comprise about one in every 100 Allomancers (or one in every 10,000 nobles), and who can burn all Allomantic metals. These special individuals are the subjects of great awe and wonder, worshipped and feared for their versatile and deadly gift.

Allomancy Basics

A character’s Allomantic abilities are treated very much like Attributes. Power with each metal is rated from 2 to 10 dice, with 2 being very weak and 10 being unbelievably powerful. This number is your Allomancy rating in that metal. How these dice are used depends upon the type of metal being burned. To see how to use a specific metal, go to one of the following pages:

  • Tin – enhances the senses
  • Pewter – enhances the body and physical capabilities
  • Iron – lets an Allomancer physically Pull on metal within several dozen yards
  • Steel – lets an Allomancer physically Push on metal within several dozen yards
  • Copper – dampens signs of Allomancy within a radius of several dozen feet; renders the user immune to Allomantic emotional manipulation
  • Bronze – allows the user to detect nearby uses of Allomancy
  • Zinc – Intensify the emotions of those nearby
  • Brass – dampen the emotions of those nearby

There are other metals, but their existence and Allomantic purposes are not commonly known during the Final Empire.


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